Who is LTI?

LTI is a collective of forward-thinking leaders, educators, and innovators who have come together in order to create cultural change through leading research, experiential learning, digital technology and media. In February of 2016 a symposium was held in Scottsdale, Arizona where leaders from all over the nation gathered to begin a conversation about love and transformation, and the Institute is where that conversation continues.  


What is LTI about?

LTI is a collaborative organization that is dedicated to exploring innovative ways to transform individuals, families, organizations, and societies by changing how people on a global scale understand, experience, and integrate love into their lives, their relationships, and their communities. LTI is both a lab and a clinic where love and transformation is tested and practiced.


Where is LTI?

LTI is based in Boise, Idaho and Scottsdale, Arizona but our desire is to reach into every city around the world to find leaders and organizations that resonate with our mission and want to advance our cause. So, for all intents and purposes, LTI is everywhere. 


Why love and transformation?

At LTI we believe that love is the ultimate change agent for transforming how people live and how organizations work. Love is more than a feeling. We believe love is a catalyst that when applied to relationships heals and transforms them. Toward this end, we develop resources and provide experiences that help people and teams put love into practice so that they can get healthy and grow.  


How can I get involved?

First, you can support LTI by helping to fund our research and innovation. All donations are fully tax deductible and you can make a contribution electronically here or by sending a check to our headquarters.

Second, you can get involved by experiencing our coaching or consulting services, attending one of our events or workshops, by collaborating with us on a research project, experimental lab and by volunteering your skills or services. Fill out our contact form and someone will be in touch with you!