After you have registered for Marriage RESET, you will be sent a link by our team to an assessment that both partners must take prior to attending the experience. The first session is based on this assessment so it is essential to complete beforehand. Results will be given to you when you arrive and check in.


Marriage RESET is a three hour experience consisting of three separate sessions. Each session will build on the one prior so it is important to be present for all three to get the most out of the experience. The goal with the insights shared is that they can be put into practice right away and provide direction for on-going discussion in the relationship. 

Light hors d' ouvres and bevrages will be provided.


If desired, couples can access Ben and Carrie for further coaching post Marriage RESET. Information for services provided will be present at the experience you attend.


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It all started when…

We got married.

Like every couple, we had dreams and desires for a great life, kids and smooth sailing. Then...on the honeymoon...reality set in. "This is going to be different than we thought..."

15 years and three kids later, our marriage has continued to grow through home remodels, job changes, moves, suffering and loss. 

It hasn't been perfect...and that's where the learning has come.

Our goal with Marriage RESET is to share some practical insights we have learned but also create a collaborative environment to learn from you and others as well. 

We DEFINITELY don't have it all figured out!